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Workday | https://www.workday.com | Pleasanton (East Bay), CA ; Beaverton (Portland), OR ; Dublin, Ireland

Workday's building out a new cloud platform based on Openstack, custom deployment tooling, containers & sensu for monitoring. We want system engineers who can code to come in to work on project related work.

If you're far in the east bay commuting to the city or the valley, there's a good chance you come right by our office every day. We're on the intersection of 580 & 680! We've got some extremely strong technologists, passionate about open source working here trying to create a best in breed delivery system and cloud platform for our software.

We treat our config mgmt process like a software pipeline and we've a lot of software engineers on staff working on this problem hand in hand with system engineers.

I've been here for nearly 7 years and it's a fabulous, medium sized company to work for with some great people.


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