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Back when it was called elance, I was getting annoyed that it would bill clients automatically but then leave the money sit in my elance account - there was no way to automatically send income to a bank account. So I wrote a bot that logged in on my behalf every day and initiated a bank transfer if there was any money available.

I don't believe this violated the ToS at the time, and Elance never said there was anything wrong with it. But once I posted it to the forums, my account was suspended within a day for a couple of silly things like having a reference to my personal website in one of my example images.

I quit putting much faith in the company after that.

They seem to be getting some profit by keeping YOUR money on their accounts.

It's called "float"--all kinds of companies use it. More here: http://www.fool.com/personal-finance/insurance/2006/12/05/in...

Thanks. I learned another cool jargon. Whatever "floats" their boat, I guess!

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