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Why is a central authority controlling the market again ? What we need is interfaces for the customer and workers that can be matched together by a broker. It's probably quite hard to find the right interface but it would then benefit everyone.

Here is a simpler example for a Uber-like implementation:

* Taxis would be advertising their current position and whenever they they are free or not with their phone.

* Potential customers would advertise their current location and where they want to go with their phone.

* Broker services would match taxis with customers

Obviously it's more complicated than that, there could be a reputation service associated to an account for example and your own algorithm running on your phone that chooses the combination of trust and pricing that you want.

It is using its size to control its market. We need regulation and protection for freelancers and a new breed of purposeful platforms that would serve as Upwork alternatives.

Could you explain more? Platforms like Upwork serve as interface or broker between customers and workers. Are you referring to something different?

Upwork is a monolith. It's a broker but also holds the developer and customer data. Competing brokers cannot enter the market without having to ask developers and customers to duplicate their data.

If the developer had it's own service (like his personal website) that hold the list of services that he provides, his availability and general price. Then brokers could connect to this and match it with customer requests. Same on the other side, a customer should be able to submit his project proposal and let the various brokers pick it up and match the appropriate developers.

Yes, protocols, not platforms.

Could you explain more?

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