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It contains Bertrand Russels 'History of Western Philosophy' which is far more relevant IMO - and gives a nice summary of Aristotle including the warning "he's kinda rubbish if you compare him to his reputation". By which he means, in several topics Aristotle is rather more enthusiastic, than coherent, precise or correct.

Marvin Minsky: "A lot of philosophy is just bad science ..."

Would you agree that there is no science without good philosophy?

I don't understand this question, but it sounds as though a good answer could be "yes" ... please say more ...

Ah if yes, then I have no more questions. Couldn't tell but it seemed like the comment "A lot of philosophy is just bad science ..." could have meant that science could somehow exist separately from philosophy.

That was Marvin's comment, and I'm quite sure that he meant it literally, i.e. not as a comment on either science or philosophy, but on "most philosophy".

Aristotle was, as opposed to Plato, and much to the benefit of humanity, an empiricist.

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