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  And the advice is just ridiculously obvious to anyone with
  a brain. "Never have a meeting without a clear agenda."
Uhm, you assume that someone is actually using brains in average corporation. There is a book titled "Why Do Business Speak like Idiots" (http://fightthebull.com/), worth a read. As the saying goes, common sense is not so common. Do you know many employees in average corporation who like going to meetings and value them? Meetings there happen because managers think it is a good way to manage. Organizing meeting also keeps someone busy—and the common trait is to confuse busyness with productive work. There are lots of things obvious to anyone with a brain and those things never get applied because "that's not the way to do things", "that's not our culture", etc. What "Rework" does is to encourage you to challenge those widely accepted traditions. BTW, I highly recommend Ricardo Semler's "Maverick" and "The Seven-Day weekend" to anyone who even remotely like the stuff 37signals write. Semler also speaks a lot about applying common sense to business. Their stance on meetings is simple—no one is required to attend. If you organize a meeting and nobody shows up, that simply means no one is interested in your idea.

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