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Kay is a huge admirer of Socrates. When I interviewed Kay in 2012, he even managed to bring Socrates into the conversation and then discourse on his worthiness in the context of various religions[1]: "You can't go to heaven unless you're baptized. If anyone deserves to go to heaven, it's Socrates, so this is a huge problem."

While the link below goes to the page mentioning Socrates, I highly recommend the entire interview. Kay was in truly excellent form.

[1] http://www.drdobbs.com/architecture-and-design/interview-wit...

Dante has a solution for this: There is a place in the upper section of hell with no punishment or torment, reserved for "just heathens" like Socrates. So technically he did not go to heaven since he is denied the closeness to God, but arguably this is an even nicer afterlife, since he can continue thinking and questioning things together with other great minds.

And consider that the Mormons did get Socrates into heaven (via proxy baptism!)

Exmormon here, to get into VIP Heaven (highest kingdom in heaven) he also needs temple endowment and temple sealing done by proxy too (which they've probably done). Don't tell me you converted to mormonism because of this

Nope (I just read a lot)

Mormonism solves this problem by baptizing dead people.

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