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> This peaked my interest - who were the people behind this service?

I just had to check, and am sad to report After the Deadline wouldn't have caught this error ("peaked" for "piqued") even if the author had still been using it.

More relevantly, am I wrong in thinking that After the Deadline does actually support HTTPS? An HTTPS request [1] seems to work fine. The article muses on this point a little, but maybe it is just the "teacher" module at fault after all?

[1] https://service.afterthedeadline.com/checkDocument?key=test-...

"Peaked" is such a common spelling of "piqued" that their dataset of English text probably contains many examples of it, and so doesn't recognize it as an error.

Could be, but even so that wouldn't fix the "throwing your IP into a black hole" problem.

I'll update the post, thanks!

Since you're here:

  > ... any text opened in Visual Studio Code
  > with this extension loaded would be send ...
I suspect that should be "sent".

Thanks - fixed!

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