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As I said in the interview, I am a regular on Hacker News, and would be happy to answer any follow up questions (well, at least the ones I can answer ;-))

Sridhar- I think that was a great comment by you when you mentioned that you do not have an ego at Zoho. It was in response to Andrew's mentioning of Zoho members being able to use Google to login to Zoho.

I would also imagine that allowing members to use Google login on Zoho would somewhat beat the competitive advantage that Google has in this regard- in allowing their members to share one login across all of their apps. Good move.

I wonder how Zoho is able to manage so many apps. Do you have many different development divisions? You mentioned that you have over 1,000 employees. How many does it take to maintain just one of the apps? I'm sure it will be dependent on that app itself, but if you would allow us an estimation merely for the insight.


What's your presence in India? Do you develop locally?, sell locally?

Is it still an exciting place to be for a software person?

Our office is in Chennai, where we have over 1000 employees. All our software development is in Chennai.

Is India an exciting place to be for a software person? Yes, absolutely!

Great work SridharVembu and zoho team. I'm interested to know the technical composition of the Zoho project teams? How does it work?

Without engineering graduates and constantly evolving programming languages, frameworks, paradigms, and tools, how do you keep to speed and scale ?

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