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If all they found was the teleprinter, and not the crypto machine, this isn't a big deal. That is just the Lorenz version of the Teletype Model 14 tape printer, built under license. These are not that rare. I have three of the Teletype Corp version. (One is in operation right now at the Clockwork Alchemy Steampunk Convention in San Jose. Visit the Telegraph Office there today.) The crypto machine part is separate; it's a big electric-powered rotor machine, like an Enigma with more rotors. This tape printer may be special because the serial numbers match a historic crypto machine, which museum types care about.

Here's my overhaul of the Teletype Corp. version.[1] Here's a Lorenz version someone else has.[2] Here's Bletchley Park's set, with the crypto unit and the teleprinter.[3]

After I got my first Model 14, I had the paper tape they need made by a company in China. The minimum order was 500 rolls, so I sometimes sell paper tape to museums. (I tried US manufacturers first. Either they didn't want a small order, wanted a very high price, or the edge quality of the paper was so bad the tape would jam.)

[1] http://www.aetherltd.com/refurbishing14.html [2] http://www.teleprinter.net/english/inhalt/t2.shtml [3] http://cryptomuseum.com/crypto/lorenz/sz40/img/301491/000/fu...

From [1]: “We saw the swastika and then we noticed one of the keys was devoted to the double lightning bolt symbol of the SS.”

Now that's a Baudot/ITA2 character set variation I haven't seen. There's already USTTY, ITA2, weather symbols, fractions (⅛, ¼, ⅜, etc., for stocks), versions with £ instead of #, and versions with a pilcrow. (¶). But I've never heard of a double lightning bolt symbol.

Unicode has a single lightning bolt (Stack Overflow cannot handle this) up in the astral planes with the new emoji. But no double lightning bolt. I suppose a request for that now has to go into the Unicode consortium.

[1] http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/05/29/hitlers-top-secre...

It's not a lightning bolt, it's the rune ᛋ.

I suspect the "double lightning bolt" is just a glyph to print for end of line, for CR or LF. A tape printer doesn't do anything special for CR or LF, but some of them print something. One of my machines prints "=", and one prints an oversized comma. There's no standard for that.

The members of the National Museum of Computing might appreciate me pointing out that although they are based in Bletchley Park, they're separate from the Bletchley Park Trust who preserve all the codebreaking history and buildings.

TNMoC has some WW2 machines (most importantly Heath Robinson and Colossus) but they also have pretty much every other computer imaginable, with some of the proper historical stuff actually functional, and more BBC Micros than I've seen since school.

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