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I'm one of the leads on this project! We've been flying under the radar for a while now, since everyone working on this has a "day job" (mostly ATLAS/CMS physicists), and we have essentially no funding. But we are making progress and hope to eventually do a full-scale release and produce some science! I'll try to answer any questions in this thread.

Speaking of radar, many phones have FM radio receivers, which could conceivably look for radio signatures of cosmic rays. No idea to what extent the hardware is made available to software, but I just found another reason to procrastinate.

Also kudos on actually going through and doing something with this; I remember talking about using cell phone ccd's as detectors a few years ago with other grad students, but of course it never got past the chit-chat stage (I remember wanting a dosimeter in my pants to ring at me if I got too close to one of my radioactive sources).

People have approached us with this idea! I don't think we have much/any access at the API-level to radio signals. However are talking with another group which is looking to build an inexpensive RF array about possibly integrating the two networks. There is also another group which is creating a dedicated radio device that plugs into the headphone jack of your smartphone, but in this case you need a special piece of hardware and the phone is basically just acting as readout/internet access. It's a cool idea but we're trying to show that it's possible to do science with the existing hardware that people already own!

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