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I would suggest you learn something about Unix before spousing such opinions, because I don't know where to even begin

nohup is not a hack

What systemd is offering has nothing to do with nohup, it's not "a flavour" of nohup it's a completely different thing

Systemd is not correctly killing processes, this was NEVER DONE LIKE THIS, they decided this out of a whim because apparently Gnome can't do the right thing (how surprising)

Heh--it's like nohup(/daemom), except you make a SOAP call through some middleware to beg some more middleware for mercy so you can do the thing your user asked you to do, because everyone's being punished for a few programs' poor use of the old, more portable API. (I exaggerate, slightly.)

I'm not looking forward to what comes next when Gnome breaks through the new system.

I prefer to keep the mystery and not know all about my opinions from the start. It's the small discoveries that keep the flame of love alight in our marriage.

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