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"Maybe in a low-risk software company you can 'just do it', but if, like a restaurant chain, you have capital expenditure, or you are moving a factory, you had better make sure you plan the move, the stock-build, the overtime, the working capital and service implications."

The author of the review is the "co-founder of Leon Restaurants". Maybe he sees everything from this perspective, and that's why doesn't agree with anything in the book. I think the book is about advice meant for (tech) startups, not restaurants.

"And perhaps if the authors had followed the advice about 'build half a product, not a half-assed product' and 'underdo your competition', the book would have been a deal better."

Is he really trying to say that 37signal's apps are bad ?

All in one I found the review biased and hypocritical, but I'm yet to read the book, so until I do I'll refrain from further comments on the topic.

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