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"Simple works". Which is why they created everything with Forth on Rails. Oh wait... it's Tcl on Rails. No... Ruby? Ruby is not simple. It's actually a nice mix of elegance, simplicity and, where called for, fancy ways of handling complexity.

And they host everything on DOS. Because it's simple! No?

I think this stuff goes both ways... you can't just wave "simple!" around.

If you really wanted simple, you'd use a pencil and paper.

Uhm… How about trying to see the difference the product and implementation details? Cars are simple you know: turn a key, step on the gas and you ar going. Does anyone claim that those dozens of CPU hidden under bonnet and AT gearbox is simple?

Some stuff is simple, some isn't. Trying to make it simpler is a good goal in many cases, except for when it isn't.

What I disagree with is "business by platitude".

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