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I researched this over a summer once by downloading the latest scientific papers on gaze tracking. The result were pretty disappointing to me. Then I figured I was doing this researching all wrong. Because I already knew from highschool biology that your eye does micro movements all the time to keep the retina stimulated and to keep a larger area in focus at the same time. So I opened wikipedia and looked up the smallest micro moments that the eyes do. Based on the angle of it and the average distance between your eye and the screen, it's easy to see that you can never replace the mouse with gaze for a pixel perfect pointing device.

However! If you think outside the box, you might get a fairly accurate gaze tracker and a different GUI design to get this to work. That vision (no pun intended) is more of a long term one. An easy short term use for eye gaze use would be automatically setting GUI window focus based on eye gaze. That already might save you a keyboard-mouse switch. As long as you have no more than four windows on your screen, you can make it work with the current tech already.

"you can never replace the mouse with gaze for a pixel perfect pointing device"

And how about getting in the precision area like a finger has on a touchscreen? You think, this is possible? Because touch works pretty well, if the UI is good (big) enough ...

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