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This isn't (just) a CPU backdoor though, it's a possible backdoor on any integrated circuit.

To be precise, what was implemented was a CPU backdoor, but the attack applies to all integrated circuits.

Ah, I get the confusion. I've added "just" to my earlier comment.

I am trying to understand the parsing of CPU/integrated circuit you are doing but I am not following. How are you conceptualizing the CPU as different than an integrated circuit?

It's a pars pro toto: a CPU is an example of an integrated circuit, but there are integrated circuits that are not CPUs.

To make this distinction more relevant: this kind of attack would be very useful in the context of EEPROMs or cryptographic chips (like TPMs): you could, for example, induce a cryptographic chip to dump its internal state (private keys), or you could overwrite a flash region that would under normal operation be non-writable.

thank you for the clarification.

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