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Well after I figured out that I could use clicks to calibrate the tracker it was somewhat accurate (ca. 100-200 px), however hte variance was quite large.

I think it's a really nice idea, however not yet precise enough to work for such tasks as user studies

100px gives you around 70 zones in your average desktop window. More, when you consider shared hits between zones. That's enough to do basic heat maps of a web site (such as for ad impression tracking), coarse navigation, or integration into things like editors/IDEs.

I was thinking about ad impressions as well; but God forbid websites are ever able to use my camera for eye tracking by bypassing the webcam permissions (or through the removal of in the future? I expect anything when it comes to content monetisation).

Or simply refusing access to the content without access to the camera (thinking of Forbe's ill-conceived content blocking).

I will laugh my ass off if it ever comes to this. Hopefully I never have to come back to this comment and weep.

Stop giving them ideas!

Sticker over camera lens takes care of that - in this age of malware it is good to use it anyhow. Good luck tracking my eyes then!

Other than thwt, I see huge potential for this in UX studies.

Need something like that for microphones in TV/laptops/tablets.

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