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Interview with Editor of Business Insider: 'There Are No Must-Read Publications' (spiegel.de)
19 points by Futurebot on May 22, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Says notorious aggregator.... I kind of disagree with Blodget. There are actually several must-read publications. Der Spiegel, the publication interviewing him, is one of them. They publish ground-breaking reporting several times a year. And that distinguishes them from many other news organizations, including Business Insider. So the real question is: How frequently can one publication succeed at being a must-read? And the deeper insight, I suppose, is that the Internet unbundled publications as such, so that now you only have must-read articles that surface in other companies' platforms, like Facebook's news feed...

>now you only have must-read articles that surface in other companies' platforms

As it should be, imo. There never really were must-read publications so much as publications frequently containing must-read articles, and the amount of such material makes it so you can't get to everything even with a lot of time dedicated to reading and staying on top of things. Aggregators (e.g. HN) and review articles are (at least partial) solutions to this problem.

For that matter, a lot of "mere" comments and discussion threads on articles are more "must-read" than the median article even in a good publication. If the article itself is mediocre, the commentary on it may still contain valuable discussion, which is (part of) why you end up with effects like people tending to read top comments before, or instead of, reading the article. Another reason being to determine if the article was even "must-read" in the first place. Aggregation is great, what's really needed is better ways of separating the wheat from the chaff, across all publications and media types, including comments and entries on obscure blogs...

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