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Jeff Bridges' totally different website (jeffbridges.com)
31 points by Maro on March 7, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 17 comments

That's cool, but make sure you also visit Jim Carrey's website. That's really over the top: http://www.jimcarrey.com/

It's by 65 Media, and unlike this one, it's not directly made by Jim Carrey unfortunately. I happen to like Jeff Bridges' site for that reason: He's making all the content for it himself. (I have no idea if someone helps him put it up on the web, but that's besides the point)

Nonetheless,if you like Jim Carrey's site, check out some others they made in the same sort of wacky, highly-interactive style:


http://www.imaginetheimpossibilities.com/ (for the Fringe TV show)


Carrey's site crashed my browser

Carrey's site broke my monitor (I was compelled to punch it.)

Wow, Carrey's site is truly one of the more amazing things I've seen on the internet in quite some time. I'm curious to see what something like this costs, and whether or not 65 Media took a hit to get some publicity from a guaranteed traffic source.

  Wow, Carrey's site is truly one of the more amazing
  things I've seen on the internet in quite some time.
Like music playing without being asked for and interfering with the one you are currently listening, like content crammed into small area with custom scrollbars so usual scrolling with a trackpad no longer works, like insane amounts of pointless graphics which take forever to load so you must wait ten seconds till you can see two paragraphs of text buried somewhere? No, thanks, I have had enough of it elsewhere already…

Holly crap, he's doing a remake of True Grit! I've been a fan of his site for years. It's always the same format, with new drawings.

The dude cannot abide lame websites.

Jeff Bridges kicks other actors' ass!

Now let's see Google index THAT!

PS. Have to love all those <p>&nbsp;</p> lines..

Interesting style. Maybe there is more room for artistically styled websites.

Be sure to check out his music. It's good! I didn't even know he can sing..

He was trained to do Crazy Heart; if you haven't seen it go because it's a great movie.

Nice! Now he can put up some pictures of the oscar :)

I really feel like The Dude made this site.

Oh, so that's what became of _why.

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