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I love the tor browser, however much of the internet without javascript is not useable, at all. Very unfortunate for a tor fan like myself. To be quite honest, if most people weren't like 'grandma' and actually took more interest in the underpinnings of the computer itself, they would automatically be more self-aware of said security. However, it can be said that our 'security', and most importantly, our identity, has been compromised by the very govts and colluding corporations who regulate the devices with which we network. The "land of the free" is anything, but not that. I can't stress enough that societies need to preach good computing habits with encryption first and foremost. Instead all I ever hear is how wonderful the latest device is because: it's newer, faster, you can piss on it, etc. Where in the hell is the spiel on how secure it is and how wonderfully it encrypts everything? The worst part of it is that most don't take enough interest and the powers that be are similar to snakes in the grass. The balance of anything, even information as well as communication is what we all need to strive for.

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