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Looks like an awesome piece of technology, but why, whenever I see headline xxxx followed by "(github.com)" do I get a slight feeling of despair - that feeling that this project has a high chance of being future abandonware. Is it that having a proper, dedicated, expensive-looking, website, away from github, is a signal of access to resources, willingness to do proper marketing and documentation, and therefore, by correlation, longevity?

If it's going to be abandonware, isn't it better to be on Github where it's easily accessible, rather than a random git server that could disappear?

Like with almost any open source project nobody promises you anything. But it's not framework, you don't lose much by not using it and you don't have to rewrite your code in case it would be abandoned.

yes I realise that I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth, and I love git(hub), but I'm just pointing out that "(github.com)" might just be a net-negative marketing point for people looking for robust software.

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