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HackerNews Trends (hntrends.com)
18 points by matt1 on March 7, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 18 comments

How long does it take to load? I gave it around 30 seconds (Safari/OSX).

UPDATE: Site should be working fine now -- fast, no problems with the order or the links.

Eesh, it is obnoxiously slow isn't it? It was working this morning, but isn't now.

I'll export the data anyway, just in case anyone wants to do analysis.

FYSA: I'm working on fixing it now, which is affecting the way the information is presented. It should be back to normal in a few hours.

I'm assuming that's referring to how the lines tend to go both forward and backwards in time. Otherwise it's a nice visual.

I worked on this side project a few months ago in order to learn some ActionScript and Python.

The script has been logging HackerNews's front page news articles every 15 minutes since then, which is why it currently takes a little while to load. If anyone is interested, I can export the data and post it, which might make for some interesting analysis (ie, when is the best time to post, etc).

I did wait for a bit, and I never got past the loading screen. Maybe to speed everything up you should run a cron every hour or so that creates a static end-result graphing dataset.

Loading this would be much quicker and it would prevent users from waiting around too long.

Seems to have fallen over.

You need to sort the datapoints by time before plotting them. The plots seem to go to the second point at the end, making strange loops.

Yeah, this was a result of toying with the data during the last hour to fix some other stuff. Should sort itself out within the hour.

Also, I only seem to get titles on the right for items 24-30, down at the bottom. It doesn't look like the rest are rendered (although hovering over them helps).

Could I suggest using Google visualization and dropping flash all together? Ever wonder why any page that has flash on it comes up with W3C validation errors?

(EDIT: I know this was an exercise to learn AS3 and Flash, but that begs the question - why?)

I should point out that I am not actively working on this anymore--after it launched a few months back the traffic died out pretty quickly and I moved on to bigger and better things.

The titles, along with the awkward order of the points for some of the items, should fix itself in about 30 minutes.

It doesn't work in IE6. (I think I may have just lost my last sliver of geek cred. In my defense, I'm stuck at an Internet cafe.)


Crikey, you're fast. Salarymen everywhere salute you... also this one is going back to the hotel before he gets locked out.

My Flash debug player gave a connection timeout to querytrends.php, hope you can fix it :)

Have you discovered time travel?

(some of the lines go forward then back in time)

Doh. Ok. It's fixed now. For good. Really.

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