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What you call privacy might be called fraud in some countries. That's what my question is about.

I concur & I tread lightly in my guerilla tactics. My bank, my insurance company my Dept Of Motor Vehicles & the other "legit" govs that require my info get it(and I use offline services as exclusively as/while I am still able). For every other "reg required" service, discount card "brick & mortar" or any other entity that requires a unique account, they get all the mis-info I can feed them. In the end, they get their unique identity to track and disseminate, it's just a falsey.

*Granted, it is an easily unravelled ball of lottery hotlines & public spaces addresses that could easily be traced back to the real "me", but I'm not really hiding, just preserving my right to be left alone from prying marketeers and... ahem.... data scientists.

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