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How does this mesh with "don't try to create trends, find and ride them"? That's advice I've heard a lot.

The final note about Reddit seems to say the opposite: "The Reddits pushed so hard against the current that they reversed it". That is probably incorrect. They found a local maxima in the trend for social news before others spotted it.

This doesn't really repudiate anything you say in the essay. But people shouldn't get the idea that just because there is resistance, they are doing something good. There needs to be a reason why the critics fail to see the light for you to claim you're working on an overlooked problem.

The trick here is that while you're working on it, you don't know if it something that needs to be solved.

How does this mesh with "don't try to create trends, find and ride them"?

You mean Joe Kraus's advice? That's advice for making money at something before your funding runs out. If burn rate is a factor, you may not be able to survive a contemptuous initial reaction, even if you're right.

Yes, I meant Joe Kraus's advice. It's interesting how I took it to mean something different than you did: a bad idea generally, not just if you don't have enough money for it.

I suppose you're right and I only found it general advice because it completely applies to my current state in life. Lots of people make that mistake: "this totally applies to me, it must be good advice generally"

After the first $10B, once I start working on a space elevator and robotic asteroid mining, I expect the luxury of a contemptuous initial reaction.

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