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Module Hub – The Redis Modules Marketplace (redismodules.com)
76 points by jonbaer on May 15, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 19 comments

Interesting that they chose AGPL as the license for their modules (as opposed to BSD for core redis).

It's good to see such an important project adopt a viral copyleft license. Hope this will help the redis developers to monetize on the huge momentum they've built in the past years.

Anybody tried the graphicsmagick module?


Curious how it stacks up against imagemagick in terms of features and performance.

Where can we find the source code for the AGPL modules from Redis Labs? I checked https://github.com/RedisLabs?tab=repositories but didn't see them.

Do anyone have an updated ETA on when the new release of redis, with support of these modules will be available?

Working on a project that would greatly benefit for a custom redis module.

Great website. Doesn't work without javascript and can't open the details view of a module in a new tab.

ty - looking into it

Updates pushed online - thanks again.

Great update. Thanks

I assume by "marketplace" you'll also be able to sell/buy ?

That's one of the ideas. Developers who wish to monetize off their work will be able to do so and immediately have their modules available from the biggest Redis distribution channels.

Are these modules all enabled on RedisCloud plans?

As modules are still not GA, no. Going forward, modules from the Hub will be available for open source Redis, Redis Cloud and Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster.

Weird times coming. Either way, i like the idea

I agree. I'm particularly interested in the full text search module. A lot of libraries that manipulate data structures in Redis could benefit from being able to modify data as a Redis module.

Author of that module here. I'm recovering from jet lag after flying back from redisconf, and hope to open it in a couple of days. Mostly cleanup and some documentation left.

FoA here - it is gonna be awesome #FTFTW :)

>Inverted indexes are stored on top of Redis strings using the modules DMA method.

What does 'DMA method' mean here?

I'll expand on it on the repo, but the idea is this: In redis modules, you can take a redis string key, allocate as much space as needed, and get Direct Memory Access to that key's data, with zero copy overhead. You can then resize that string and grow it.

So basically you can model data structures on top of this, provided that there is an easy way to convert offsets to pointers, or that your structs are scalar only.

In the case of the inverted index, it uses delta and varint encoding of the index records, so no real mapping to structs was needed, I just traverse the data and deserialize each entry on the fly in a pretty fast manner.

Another example was the use of this for bloom filters, that directly manipulate bits on the key.

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