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Not saying this is deliberate, but I wonder if there's an advantage to launching a new device around tax season in the USA.

If you're crunching numbers and discover you're getting a few hundred back, are you more inclined to spend it on something like this if the hype syncs up with the money?

There's definitely a benefit to doing that. Didn't have to pay this year, so I took part of my refund and got a new MacBook Pro.

If a MacBook Pro takes up "part" of your refund, you really need to modify your exemptions and stop letting the IRS hold your money all year long.

The IRS even gives you a handy calculator to figure it out: http://www.irs.gov/individuals/article/0,,id=96196,00.html

Unfortunately for too many people their excess tax withholdings are their only saving plan.

If your IRS refund is your only form of saving, then spending it on a MacBook Pro takes you to a whole new level of bad decision making.

Unfortunately it also makes you a fairly typical American.

It is baffling how many people treat a tax return like it's found money, when in reality it's the end result of you losing money. People think "oh sweet I can buy a laptop" rather than "oh crap I lost a bunch due to inflation and missed interest".

Sometimes I wish I knew less about math, I would probably be happier.

I'm sure Apple would be thrilled if all of the typical Americans bought MacBook Pros.

In the UK, purchases shoot up in March as people make up their allowances and budgets before the new tax year (which starts April 6) :-)

There's also the other side where you may find that you owe a lot and have to cut back spending for a month or two. It might be a wash.

Most people aren't in this situation--especially since, as in previous years, the government is adding a little "stimulus" to our tax refunds.

As a very early filer I already received money back. I am considering getting either an iPad or a new computer with it.

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