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To be clear, you're arguing that hydras will outlive stars?

No. I simply gave a counter-example to a claim--thus the claim is refuted.

His claim is: all beings that are alive also age. The counter-example makes so that his argument is false (hydras are alive, but do not age).

I didn't claim that being alive means you outlive the universe. Because that would be false. Everything alive is subject to the laws of thermodynamics (need energy to keep up the entropy-fighting machinery)--no food, no hydra.

> hydras are alive, but do not age

The point is that a hydra that does not age is clearly violating the laws of thermodynamics; hence, eventually, they will age (as you pointed out).

No it isn't violating thermodynamics - it's not a closed system. Eventually they will die of hunger or, what is more likely, being eaten by a predator.

Nothing in thermodynamics says that it's impossible for a self-repairing system to continue to exist until it either runs out of resources or is destroyed by outside forces.

Hydra are not a closed system. They can lower their entropy at the expense of their surrounding

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