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Ask HN: Sites that you visit daily?
69 points by holaboyperu on May 12, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 66 comments
Obviously besides HN. I'm curious on the list of sites that you visit daily. For news or plain habit.




http://slashdot.org (most days)

http://dilbert.com (most of the time)

Reddit (http://reddit.com/r/machinelearning, http://reddit.com/r/artificial, http://reddit.com/r/semanticweb, etc.)


http://www.jmlr.org (maybe not every day, but close)

http://www.jair.org (maybe not every day, but close)


http://www.youtube.com - for music and for various tech videos

http://www.coursera.org - I'm working my way through a couple of Coursera Specializations, so I'm on there pretty much every day.

http://www.phins.com/phins-urls.html - to catch up on the latest Miami Dolphins news

I think that covers most of them. I'll check http://theregister.co.uk quite often as well. Oh, and the main social networks too... FB, Twitter, G+

What's the best way to get an invite to Lobsters?

Hang around HN until the subject comes up, and then post a question asking "What's the best way to get an invite to Lobsters?" :-)

Seriously, drop your email address here, or email me directly if you'd prefer, and I can invite you.

I'd also be interested in this too if possible, email is {hn username}1@gmail

Just sent you an invite.

I'd also like an invite please - {hn username}@gmail.com

Likewise {hn username}@gmail.com


I'd also love one if you have one spare. adam.copp geemayl

Would love to get an invite too. I have my email address in my profile, but just in case adding it here too - joonathan -at- fiji.ee

Thanks. Investing a bit of time to scavenge through the various arXiv CoRR categories really helped.

Yo! You from Miami?

it saddens me that techmeme isnt revered as the best non-discussion tech site on the internet. nothing else even compares.

http://techmeme.com http://techmeme.com/river

http://mediagazer.com http://mediagazer.com/river


http://redef.com/channel/media http://redef.com/channel/tech/feed http://redef.com/charts/popular/total http://redef.com/charts/shared/total






http://thewirecutter.com http://thesweethome.com

and for everything else there's http://www.usepanda.com


and ones I never seem to make it to





and if I were limiting myself to non aggregators: atlantic, newyorker, bloomberg, avclub, indiewire, arstechnica, mit technology review, techcrunch, anandtech, nautilus, npr, rolling stone, wsj, nyt, guardian, wired, vice, foreign policy, the kernel, stratechery, harvard business review, variety, birth movies death, priceonomics, poynter, digiday

nytimes, hackernews, reddit, youtube.

Starting to really dislike reddit though. For a while it was great as long as the subreddit wasn't one of the defaults, but even some of the relatively esoteric ones are starting to get very noisy and have really low quality content/discussion. The whole upvote system just encourages voicing arguments that appeal to the lowest common denominator, and then rephrasing the exact same opinion in the follow up comments. I guess hackernews isn't so different, aside from needing to earn upvote/downvote privileges.

But the biggest complaint about reddit is the amount of blatant marketing, especially in subs where people are reviewing products. I've seen threads where every post with 30-50+ votes voicing a complaint got voted down to <-20 within a few hours. I saw this happen in /r/audiophile regarding Schiit and I've had a bad taste about reddit since.

I stopped going to the general reddit homepage and only go to a couple subreddits. I have found the subreddit for my city is a great supplement to local news sites - it often aggregates local-focused content plus discussion very well.

* http://serializer.io/

* https://github.com/

* https://www.patreon.com/ (through notifications)

* https://www.meneame.net/ (Spanish Reddit-like site)

* https://www.producthunt.com/ (through newsletter)

* http://betalist.com/ (through newsletter)

* http://piratetimes.net/

* Local news (through newsletter)

* Facebook (through nativifier app)

* Twitter (through desktop app)

* Pocket (through desktop app)

* My personal JIRA instance.

Out of curiosity, do you visit Patreon directly on a daily basis, or do you just rely on the email updates? I rarely visit spontaneously; I just rely on the email updates from people/projects I'm supporting.

I rely on the email updates too. I edited the comment.

YNAB: To sync my budget

Bank of America: To see if I got charged yet another fee

Reddit: mostly r/programming r/videos r/cscareerquestions

MSDN: To read .NET documentations

Youtube: To listen to background music while coding.

For entertainment:

Comic Rocket (https://comic-rocket.com/), which means I don't need to manually check any of the comics and stories I'm reading; if there's an update, Comic Rocket will show it.

YouTube's "subscriptions" page (https://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions) directly, to bypass the worthless front page.

For information:

LWN (https://lwn.net/): best news on Linux and Open Source in the industry, and the next best thing to reading all of LKML.

Twitter. Becoming increasingly tempted to use the mobile version even on desktop.

Various blog "planet" aggregators: Planet Debian (http://planet.debian.org/), Planet Freedesktop (https://planet.freedesktop.org/), Planet GNOME (http://planet.gnome.org/), Kernel Planet (http://planet.kernel.org/), and Planet Mozilla (https://planet.mozilla.org/).

Almost everything else I don't bother visiting daily; I just get notifications via email.

Wow I didn't know about the feed/subscriptions page. You're right, this is infinitely more useful than the default frontpage.

* Hacker News

* Reddit (mostly Linux- and music-related subs)

* Twitter (my go-to social network)

* GitHub / (our company's) GitLab

* Spotify and/or SoundCloud

* Pocket (I'm madly in love with their service)

That's pretty much it.

Wow, pocket is rad, love finding new things of use, thanks!

Instapaper is a good alternative too. I personally stopped using Pocket due to its insistence on adding social-network features that I neither want nor care about in a bookmarking/read-it-later service.

Registered Apple developer here.

I visit the following sites to keep myself up-to-date on Apple ecosystem:

http://www.macrumors.com (Covers news relevant to developers, entrepreneurs and consumers alike. The only blog one needs to follow to get updates on happenings in the Apple ecosystem)

http://daringfireball.net (John Gruber personal blog. For the quality of its editorial and views on happenings in Apple and Tech world. He is also the created of Markdown)

http://www.loopinsight.com (Jim Dalrymple's views on happenings in Apple ecosystem, the widely renowned Apple insider)

P.S.: Not for a regular visit, but Macrumors also maintains a very insightful buyer's guide at http://buyersguide.macrumors.com

I've become very fond of the Blendle news site (www.blendle.com) since discovering it on HN. It's still the beta version and might not be currently taking new customers, but it's definitely worth a visit.

It looks awesome. However, the site is quite vocal about telling me how many people "are in line" to use the service: 25,763 for me.

Nobody hasn't mentioned http://www.anandtech.com yet?

HN, Twitter, Newsblur (though mostly through the app at this point), Google Analytics/Adwords, AWQL.me, Facebook, Stack Overflow (I rarely visit the root, but find myself getting help here pretty frequently), Github, NY Times

One of the best news aggregation sites for Docker is here:


I love it how I say "Besides HN", and everyone writes HackerNews -_-

Gmail: incl. news alerts

Feedly (fresh articles): Ars Risk Assessment, Bloomberg, The Atlantic Business, various friends' and food blogs

Pocket (older articles)

If I have more time: HN, r/crypto, sometimes Medium

To waste time: Sporcle, Instagram, Foodgawker

Dashboards: Google Analytics, Adsense, Server Status News: Flipboard (mobile), Feed Reader, weather.gov Weekly: Bank and credit card sites to monitor usage and pay bills Seasonal: Sports

bloomberg.com npr.org stackoverflow.com medium.com

Twitter, Reddit (/r/askreddit, /r/programmerhumor, /r/80s_sandwich, etc.), HN, GitHub

Morning news blast: http://skimfeed.com

BBC, Reuters, Dir Spiegel (international) for general news.

BSDNow for the podcasts. YouTube for watching old conference talks.

Youtube/Twitch for vidya needs

Yahoo Sports / Esports for keeping up with my teams

reddit/insta/twittter for the rest

HN, Jira, Gmail, Drudge Report, Reddit, Gizmodo, Youtube, GitHub's explore section

7clams, when they still had the korean propaganda music before they went public.

- Google Inbox - Feedly - Hacker News - Twitter - Google News - Trello

Feedly, reddit, hckrnews

HN, FB, dragongoserver.net

Plus a zillion of other sites but not every single day.

I skim the NYTimes.com frontpage headlines twice daily to get a sense of what's going on. It my way of maintaining a "news diet" without completely losing touch with the world.

9Gag.com. More addictive and time wasting than HN.

news.google.com for news

/r/programming and various language-specific subreddits such as /r/python



Reddit (/r/askhistorians, various space subreddits)

Real World Technologies forums

Ars Technica




Google Drive

The Verge




Mr Money Mustache

Ars technia (once a week)

uncrate.com / gearpatrol.com

- video-one.com

- pinkdino.com

- xvideos.com

- xhamster.com

* Hacker News

* MacRumors

* 9to5Mac

* The Verge

* Electrek

* Reddit



Stack Overflow

Facebook & Instagram




work related sites


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