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You and a lot of other people say that. Sure, if we want to take over from Git, it's late. But Git has left us with an opening, the only way Git works for the masses is Github, Git itself is too complicated and people "lose" their data (they don't but Git makes it appear like they did).

I think people will play with BK and find out that it can work for everyone without something like Github (we still need it but it's a nice to have, not a requirement).

We'll see. When I was proposing BK the intertubes said it would never work. I'm a little skeptical of the nay sayers.

The "too late" comments are depressing since they totally lack insight (who hasn't noticed the dominations of gits?). Yet also here in HN specifically you would expect people to cheer for pivoting into something new. Thanks for open sourcing BK.

Nah, it's easy. Before every git command, I just tar up the source. When git complains, I can untar to get things working again. To work with others, I fetch a new tree and then use "diff" and "patch" to merge my changes into the new tree.

(seriously, as an experienced professional developer, I actually do this much of the time)

Seriously? Your life would be easier if you simply learned to use git properly.

Well, it's that bad. When I try to do things the "right" way I'm constantly exposed to the innards of git. I don't care about that stuff. It's complicated. It's a distraction from, you know, the actual task I was trying to do before git got involved.

I've done significant work with 5 other version control systems, including BitKeeper and ClearCase. Nothing is as difficult as git. At this point, I give up. Screw it.

I can do diff, tar, and patch. I have an editor. That'll do. I won't miss the confusing errors. Most importantly, I trust that these simple tools will not eat my work.

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