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Ask HN: Anyone looking for a cofounder?
38 points by alc90 on May 9, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 63 comments
If you're looking for a co-founder please share your project and the what you're looking for ;)

Yes - I am a technical founder, I have two products: One is a mass media monitoring startup, and the other is a deep learning startup that trades forex (ramen profitable)

Both products are finished, and in production, but I have zero selling skills.

I'm in London. Looking for someone to help me develop the products further.

Do you mind recommending which forex api you use? I've been interested in experimenting but it's hard to make the jump.


Just dropped you an email :)

Not exactly looking for a cofounder, but I am working on few Tableau centric ideas. One that I will launch soon is a Tableau community to consolidate and curate content. Two maybe a Tableau service (a la wpcurve). I might be going against the trend here, but technically speaking I am good, what I need is people with connections/knowledge of the industry, especially for kicking off the community thing.

I'm interested in knowing more about your plans. I've got good connections in the industry and have also worked and taught Tableau. I've got a technical background but also studied business as well and have been doing customer development trying to build my own startup.

Sure, can you email me? Email address is in the contact info here on HN.

Literally everyone I know in real life who has an app idea.

They are looking for a technical co-founder, full-stack developer which can implement their ideas into reality! They'll do the brainstorming "Hey, why don't we add a Like button?" as long as someone else handles the implementation, with all the nasty details.

UPDATE: @cnkk beat me into it! :-)


I am software dev with strong experience in full stack web dev and devops. I have a broad set of skills as a tech guy with experience in multiple prog languages. I have mostly done web development(backend and frontend) and devops in 4.5 yrs of professional life.

I am currently looking to startup. I have some ideas I am trying to validate. But I am fine with something the other cofounder might have come up with. I am interested in connecting with both tech and nontech folks. I am based out of India, you can drop me a mail at hi[at]pcx[dot]io or DM me at https://twitter.com/pcx66 to get in touch.

I strongly believe cofounders should have known each other for a while already. But I am ready to be proven wrong.



What about a non tech Co-founder?

Not looking for a co-founder for a business idea, but a partner for a hobby project this summer. Someone who knows hardware. I can do the software/firmware. I want to build a simple internet enabled on/off toggle.

Preferably looking for someone in Southern California.

Kind of, but a bit more elegant and much more general in nature.

The idea is to put this device between the electricity outlet and whatever device. I could then go to a website and toggle the electricity switch.

Like this: http://www.controlbyweb.com/webswitch/

Or this: http://digidave.co.uk/jshop/section.php?xSec=22

(Linked from the search given above).

These things exist, and while that is of itself no reason for you not to do it out of interest, I just wondered if you were aware. We've used versions of these for some time.

Wow, this is actually something I've also been interested in making. I do hardware and I'm located in the San Diego area. When were you thinking of starting?

This summer. After the school lets out - so around June 20 or so. I will actually have time. If you are interested, ping me at starik36 @ hotmail.com

Airborn OS (https://www.airbornos.com/) - A secure alternative to Google Docs. Has been in development for 1.5 years.

Looking for a cofounder to help with marketing. Email here: https://github.com/twiss

OS makes it sound like it's a whole operating system, instead of an office suite.

edit: after playing with the demo it does have more of an OS feeling and no google docs replacement feeling

Yeah, Airborn OS is supposed to be a whole operating system, but it has the classic problem of having not enough apps. But, apps written for Firefox OS can run on it, which in turn are not much more than normal web apps.

Can the co-founder be a non tech co-founder?

Yes, definitely! Marketing, seeking media attention, seeking investment.. are some of the things that would be super valuable. Shoot me an email if you might be interested.

mailed you:)

Yes. Web developer here looking for someone with a B2B idea they are confident they can sell to a niche market. Prefer no social media related or physical products. Can PM me on reddit if you want to get in touch: https://reddit.com/u/beeboopp

  > Can PM me on reddit if
  > you want to get in touch:
Unless, of course, I'm not registered on Reddit, and have no interest in being so.

Edit: OK, I really don't know why I'm being down-voted, and I guess I don't care. Let me just add, if ever you're interested in connecting with people and getting work, making it easy to contact you is probably a good idea. Only giving someone the option of being or getting registered on Reddit and insisting that you are contacted via that is unnecessarily limiting your options.

On the other hand, if you deliberately and specifically want to filter out people who aren't registered on some service, then fine. In this case, though, this is a web developer looking for someone with an idea. It seems unlikely to me that applying a technical filter is a good idea.

I would have thought that was all obvious, but I guess it isn't. Maybe that's why I'm getting down-voted. Regardless, good luck.

Do be honest, for someone who is interesting in pursuing an idea with a given individual, creating a reddit account shouldn't represent a barrier. If it does, no problem, it wouldn't have been a good match anyway.

Except the person here is a technical person looking for a potentially non-technical person. You might over-estimate the willingness of non-technical people to go to yet another site to create yet another account.

Creating a reddit account takes less than 10 seconds, I just tested it.

It's not the creating of the account. It's then having the account. Some people - me included - have account fatigue, and my heart sinks every time I need to create Yet. Another. Bloody. Account.


Having an account is like owning stuff. Buying it is trivial, then you have to store it, and you end up asking yourself - will I ever use this again? There is an on-going mental costs to having things, and accounts on services come into this category.

Not everyone will agree with me. Fine. But please take a moment to try to appreciate an alternate point of view.

Use it once to contact the guy and forget about it.

You don't have to become a reddit power user...

At least once before, posting my email on HN lead to a lot of spam. Since there's no way to edit or delete comments after a few hours, it seemed like a bad idea to do it again. Making a reddit account takes literally 5 seconds so I didn't consider it much of a hurdle, especially since most people probably have one.

That's fair enough, although if you're looking for a non-technical partner it places a barrier in their way. Having a partially obscured contact address in your HN profile would be significantly simpler for a non-technical person trying to get in touch, and would seem reasonably spam resistant.

But that's your choice, and all I was doing was trying to point out something you might not of thought of. I, for one, don't have a Reddit account, and have absolutely no interest in acquiring one.

I appreciate the thought. As a note, I didn't downvote you (and couldn't, it doesn't allow it on children of one's parent comment)

Not a problem - but thanks for saying. I've given up caring about the down-votes. I often give a terse reply, thinking the implications are obvious, and then get down-votes until I explain my comment in extreme detail, at which point they are often reversed. I need to learn that people sometimes need things spelled out in full. It's happening again here.

That all sounds a bit harsh, but I'll let it stand. It's probably just a consequence of people being busy.

Agree with this point. It's one thing I learned about trying to approach non-tech folks.

Looking for a technical Co-Founder

The product is a simple SaaS solution, which is already (slightly profitable) up and running with really just a few paying customers. I have developed the MVP with a freelancer and lost him on the way, as he changed his focus and went back to a fulltime job.

The service itself is a multi-million $ business in US, with currently only two competitors in Europe. One competitor is massively pumped with VC, but is technically not able to deliver what clients are looking for. The other competitor is only operating in two countries. So there is more than enough space for a third player on that market. ;)

Needed skills:

- Javascript/jQuery/AngularJS & Node.js

- Great communication skills both written and verbal

- experience with tracking / web analytics would be a plus

If you are interested, but need some income from the first day, we can also talk about hourly / project-based payment. Just ping me, if you are interested.

Looking to monetize a suite of AWS Lambda functions. Licensing code to larger orgs, and as a service. More focus on algos with high CPU/IO ratio, but no problem with S3 file transforms etc.

Just myself and a marketing/sales guy. Need a second technical cofounder with complementary interests. The Page to my Brin.

https://twitter.com/lambdamart Also have the LambdaMart.com domain purchased. If you need some AWS Lambda functions give us a holler. We can do C/C++/Haskell/Bash in addition to the officially supported SDKs. Skunkworks project on hot booting Ruby VMs so they don't twiddle for a few seconds parsing your script. Also a skunkworks project on using Lambdas as data stores for complex static data structures.

I am looking a technical co-founder to join me in a non-for-profit idea for a startup. I have technical skills, but it is not my strongest skill.

I want to do a CRM but for beneficiaries of social programs implemented by NGOs, Government, International Organizations or companies doing CSR. These organizations hardly do any monitoring of their programs, and this tool would help them achieve it by creating processes. This would allow them to follow-up a person and their indicators, to set-up reminders, and so on.

I would like to mix this with ML, in order to help them figure out which beneficiaries are more likely to benefit from their program (before enrolling them), and which one are more likely to drop-off their program.

My background: CS, work experience at povertyactionlab.org, and now accepted to an MPA at an Ivy League.

I can't work on it for free, but at a minimal Bay Area developer salary equity I'd be down to discuss it. Are you planning on fundraising? You mentioned your CS background - I hope this doesn't sound accusatory, but you haven't let on much about what you bring to the table as a non-technical founder and most would probably want to hear that as well.

I'm developing html5 games where people play using their smartphones: http://puppets.life Looking to get my MVP out (there are a few demos and PoC in the website). The MvP will feature a game of duels with foosball type of penalty kicking. Looking to position this as both B2B and B2C. Only two people in the team right now - one dev, one b2b account exec - looking for anyone who gets exited about this and wants in. Gorka @ AquiGorka

Product: AppHunt http://apphunt.livae.com It helps android early adopters to find new apps and also it helps developers to promote their apps. It has been developed for more than a year and shows good traction.

I am looking a couple of co-founders:

- Someone with experience in iOS to build the same thing for iPhones (backend already supports more than one platform)

- Front end/Back end developer to help me to create the B2B business: a payment platform and an adv network

About me: CS engineer, PhD in AI, MBA, 3 years android developer in startups, 1 year data scientist

Not a co-founder, but certainly a web front-end programmer required:


Initially a short term paid project, but this has the potential to become a long-term project. It's never going to be a unicorn, though, so if unicorns are all you're interesting in, this isn't for you, except potentially to mark time and add to your portfolio.

But if you're interested in a small, paid project, feel free to contact me to chat about what might be done.

Hey, I'd love to hear more. What email can I reach you at?

TopicsInMaths_HN (at) solipsys (dot) co (dot) uk

I've put that address on my spam white-list, and it will remain so until I start getting spam to it.

Looking for a software engineering cofounder.

I'm working on a project automating tasks around physical product development, and eventually leading into a SaaS/platform with some intelligence to take advantage of new directions in digital manufacturing. I have a feature roadmap and connections to some early users for sales/testing, but my background is not software engineering (MechE, manufacturing, and some EE/embedded systems). Currently I'm evaluating freelancers to get an MVP built since I have a small amount of money to work with.

Hi Andrew,

This sounds interesting. Can you please provide your contact details, or drop me an email at hi[at]pcx[dot]io.

You can find my posting here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11659747



Been thinking about a knock off Amazon Alexa type device. Where you register names and it passes the query/command off to a webs service. The management would be at a website.

So, you might say "George, what time is it? and the device looks and see to pass "what time is it" to "http://www.myservice.com/parse?q={text}" and the response is mapped back to the devices response.

I'm almost done building a "bundle" sales platform and secured two targeted domains, but I need a cofounder who is good at marketing and sales, as well as sourcing the products to include in bundles.

First site is employmentbundle.com, which will focus on eBooks and SaaS services to help job seekers. The other is entrepreneurbundle.com, which will focus on entrepreneurs and "micro-preneurs".

Hi, I am looking for a BizDev Cofounder.

I need someone to reach out to various banks and credit union for information, help create marking campaign, and just generally help with figuring out the different risk scenarios.

My company name is Penny Platform. We are a white-label mobile platform for banking.

We work the same way Android works for OEMs. And in this case, we'd be Google, and we are selling to Banks who will be like the OEMs.

If you are interested and are in the bay area. Message me at deon@giveapenny.co.

Looking to see if there's anyone interested in working together on building smarter marketing automation software: http://orchestrahq.com

I'm looking for someone with good machine learning skills to build basically a marketing/customer interaction assistant for small businesses.

My background is both technical and business - did customer development, built the MVP and validating idea.

There needs to be some sort of Tinder for co-founders. There's so many people interested and so many terrible opportunities to scare people off.

Agreed there should be actually a tinder in a quora like interface.

I am building machine learning algorithm for predicting right investor for a startup. I have lot of data collected for this project, to give a sense I have scrapped all the investor profiles ever existed and managed to get their email address. I've been developer since 15(ruby, rails, python, angularjs). If you have business experience or did your MBA hit me up; dkeixm@gmail.com

Yes I am looking for a cofounder. I am with technical background and looking a cofounder with online digital marketing experience. I have product in development, its a platform as service(auto deployment ) something very similar to could66 and heroic. interested please tweet me at @alihaider907


I'm a technical co-founder looking for someone who can fundraise and ideally with bizdev/growth/finance skills and knowledge. I'm working on an MVP and have the product roadmap and go-to-market pretty much mapped out. Making digital privacy profitable and sexy.

I'm a UX+UI designer with experience in early stage startups and marketing, looking to partner up with someone who wants to launch SaaS products :)

I'm a UI/UX designer with a "strong" technical background. I could team up with an excellent developer who needs help with design. ;)

I'm not looking for a co-founder, but could really use someone like you as a project partner. And I have a pretty interesting project right now.

Looking to build a more advance version of zocdoc and a new out of the class business model. Need a technical co-founder for it.

developer based in san francisco needs co-founder ( product person )... on founderdating : http://members.founderdating.com/profile/108246 app page : www.yayatv.tv tldr on product : www.yayatv.tv/funded.html


They are not looking for a co-founder, just helping others to find each other. Or they could be looking for karma.

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