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Show HN: Gitsome: A Git/Shell Autocompleter with GitHub Integration (github.com)
85 points by donnemartin on May 9, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments

I love that you included a gif in the readme and I'm amused at how fast it's running. Your brain was probably going a mile a minute when you decided that was a good speed.

My gif app can only handle about 20 seconds before it chokes :)

Perhaps I should have broken it up into two gifs, one for the completer + interactive help features, and the other for the GitHub integration.

You should try out LICEcap [1]; It's a great, open source, tool for creating gifs.

From their site:

> LICEcap can capture an area of your desktop and save it directly to .GIF [...]

> LICEcap is an intuitive but flexible application (for Windows and now OSX), that is designed to be lightweight and function with high performance.

[1] http://cockos.com/licecap/

I'll check it out, thanks!

Ah, that makes sense. Yeah maybe break it up if you have time. It is kind of hard to see what's going on.

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll put it on my TODO.

The repo has a bunch of screenshots that also show what's in the gif.

That's a 10x programmer at work, you filthy commoners :)

Regarding the gif being too fast, thanks for the feedback! I've slowed it down 50%, hopefully it's easier to follow.

I'd love to get some more feedback on gitsome, I admit I'm not the best gif-maker :)

A few other updates based on feedback/questions from the community:

* Completions work with zsh, not just bash [1]

* The GitHub-integration commands work regardless of whether you start the gitsome autcompleter shell. Check out the quick reference [2] and full reference [3] of GitHub commands available.

[1] https://github.com/donnemartin/gitsome/issues/2

[2] https://github.com/donnemartin/gitsome#github-integration-co...

[3] https://github.com/donnemartin/gitsome/blob/master/COMMANDS....

I installed gitsome on CentOS 7.2.1511 running Python 3.5.1. The auto-complete feature on gitsome will only suggest files, folders, and executables on the path. It will not offer any auto-complete suggestions for git commands, options, branches, etc.

Hi, please check out the following to see if they help enable completions for your system.

Bash: https://github.com/donnemartin/gitsome#enabling-bash-complet...

Zsh: https://github.com/donnemartin/gitsome/issues/2#issuecomment...

Ah, thank you for the quick response!

Adding this line to the ~/.xonshrc file fixed the reported behaviour: $BASH_COMPLETIONS.append('/usr/share/doc/git-')

Great! Thanks for confirming the fix.

Does this work with github enterprise?

Hmm, I haven't looked at GitHub enterprise specifically. johntdyer on GitHub submitted an issue asking about this also, I'll check and update the following:


It looks like it can be set as part of `gh configure`.


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