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Every other tech company does it; why hold Apple to an exceptional standard?

Is that really true? Can you cite Google suing to enforce a patent? What about HTC iself?

Google is a pretty young company:

can you cite a consistent pattern in their past that would argue they would never do so?

(I can cite this: http://www.businessweek.com/news/2010-03-03/google-wants-u-s...)

How about this?


Why is Google applying for patents? For fun?

HTC was already mentioned in the article: they are young and do not have the patent portfolio to play with the big boys.

Wait-wait-wait. So is every other company doing this or aren't they? You're moving the goalposts pretty fast here.

Google is young (>10 years), but they have a large portfolio. But you can't find a "pattern that would argue they would never do so"? And that proves that Apple is doing really just the same thing everybody else are? The fact that others really aren't, but you can't find a proof that they never would?

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