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"If Apple becomes a company that uses its might to quash competition instead of using its brains, it's going to find the brainiest people will slowly stop working there. You know this, you watched it happen at Microsoft. Enforcing patents isn't a good long-term play: it's the beginning of the end of the creative Apple we both love."

theorizing out my ass without thinking much about it here: does anyone else feel like this is the long term lifecycle of every successful company? innovate, scale, stop innovating but keep executing what you know, scale, become too clumsy to innovate, die. But you made a heck of a lot of money along the way.

Yep. I think so. When you get big enough not to care, you inevitably stop caring. At some point, you become evil, and the smartest guys usually don't want to work for the evil company.

That being said, I this is a good thing - other companies may be forced to out-innovate Apple and pay as much attention to detail as they do, and maybe these companies will attract all the talent they need to make it happen.

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