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VXHeaven: Source code for classic viruses (vxheaven.org)
121 points by adamnemecek on May 6, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

Phrack and VXHeaven on HN front-page, now I'm waiting for a new 29A issue.

All we need now is an issue of 40Hex, 2600, and the Anarchist's Cookbook.

40Hex? That's a name that takes me back.

Thanks for the reminder. I should go reread some of their releases.

It's too dangerous to organise such a thing in this day and age of mass surveillance. When police are kicking in doors on the wrong people, flash banging baby, and otherwise shooting them dead with no accountability.

Simple virus possession, dissemination, and research is illegal, commercial companies get a pass because they're "good" and the government decides not to prosecute but technically they're breaking the law.

How well are some (now) adults with families and jobs going to fare attracting attention by sharing with the public in a hackerish way the government and other agencies don't want?

It's not worth it.

Perfect, that would be really amazing! :D

yay z0mbie!

I recall the prolific, ubiquitous but apparently benign form virus and the surrounding speculation as to its true nature and specifically whether the payload was only malignant under a 32 bit OS (which would not exist yet for 20+ years)? I thought it was just a Norton false-positive.

Any progress on this?

I also recall these viruses taught you about terminate-stay-residents, self-modifiers, boot sectors and how to manage your 8k of memory... everything really.

Wow, somebody weaponised[1] the EICAR test file[2].

[1]: https://vxheaven.org/src_view.php?file=eicar.zip

[2]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EICAR_test_file

The days I used to use sub 7.

That brings back some memories. Thanks.

...bo2k, netbus, sub7! ahh nostalgia :)

Oh the memories of collecting all those Vienna's...

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