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andrew1 1512 days ago | link | parent

"Who will want a pale imitation when they could have the original?"

I'd imagine it's the people who want a cheaper option that does most of the things an iPhone does and don't mind the lack of polish.

stanleydrew 1512 days ago | link

And the people who think the pale imitation's lack of software restrictions is far more important than any amount of polish.


andrew1 1511 days ago | link

As an Android user I wouldn't disagree with you; I was just trying to present an example which the article's author wouldn't feel the need to argue about (software restrictions is a holy war topic, price probably isn't :) ).


julianz 1511 days ago | link

Or the people who want an option that does more and would rather cut their own feet off than use iTunes. Surely there's more than just me.


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