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Really nice! Loving the multi-touch.

Small bug:

Using in Firefox browser on iPad and playing with four fingers. When I go to move all four fingers to change the pitch of all four notes this causes my iPad to attempt switch to a different app. When I then release all four fingers the notes I was playing 'stick' and continue to play. To stop them I have to refresh the page.

Unless you actually use four/five-finger swipes to change apps, you may want to disable it at Settings > General > Multitasking > Gestures (switch to OFF).

I generally do the four finger swipe.

The point was more that the notes 'stick' after I return to the Firefox window. With four fingers playing the sounds can be a little wild. It took me a couple of tries to figure out why it had happened so I am guessing another user might be similarly confused.

Not to take anything away from this delightful little app. I just wanted to help out by reporting a little bug I found.

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