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If names aren't fixed, how do you (for example) link from one website to another?

If you have a website running under a server with a name in your GNS domain and you want to link to a server with the name 'www' in a different GNS domain, you'd add a PKEY record for that GNS domain to your GNS domain (eg. called 'foo'). You can then link to https://www.foo.+/ and it will DTRT - someone browsing your site under the name www.jonathonw.gnu will resolve the link destination as www.foo.jonathonw.gnu.

Or share a name with another user?

If you want to share a link with someone I guess you'd share the .zkey version.

I'm presuming that means I'd need a GNUnet-aware browser? AFAIK, a normal browser doesn't send enough context when resolving names for the resolver to figure out that someone means www.foo.jonathonw.gnu if they pass it www.foo.+ and have been browsing www.jonathonw.gnu.

Yes, or I believe the GNSProxy ( https://gnunet.org/book/export/html/1769 ) is an alternative.

A greasemonkey type script might also be able to apply the right fixups.

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