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A multitouch musical synth built in Typescript/React (femurdesign.com)
102 points by lukephills on May 6, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 20 comments

I don't think it needs to be depending on Facebook stuff. It fatals out if Facebook is blocked or down.

More and more developers are forgetting that some users won't load all or some of the script tags. I have people linking me stuff like this all the time, and all I see is a blank screen.

Fun to play with! Sadly, touch interaction is broken in Firefox: 1) multitouch doesn't work 2) tap and hold without drag doesn't work. It works well in Chrome, though. I was able to play with 8 fingers at the same time. My touch screen supports 10 fingers at the same time, so I guess it is a limitation in the app (the source code says "VoiceCount: 8")

Really nice! Loving the multi-touch.

Small bug:

Using in Firefox browser on iPad and playing with four fingers. When I go to move all four fingers to change the pitch of all four notes this causes my iPad to attempt switch to a different app. When I then release all four fingers the notes I was playing 'stick' and continue to play. To stop them I have to refresh the page.

Unless you actually use four/five-finger swipes to change apps, you may want to disable it at Settings > General > Multitasking > Gestures (switch to OFF).

I generally do the four finger swipe.

The point was more that the notes 'stick' after I return to the Firefox window. With four fingers playing the sounds can be a little wild. It took me a couple of tries to figure out why it had happened so I am guessing another user might be similarly confused.

Not to take anything away from this delightful little app. I just wanted to help out by reporting a little bug I found.

So AFAICT there's no reason this shouldn't be able to run in phones and tablets it's just that you have to start the audio in a touch event to get things started and the page doesn't seem to be doing that? Or maybe it's intentionally trying to encourage downloading the app?

Does it not work for you? It's working perfectly on my iPhone 5 in mobile safari.

Looks like it could have been a "Show HN"...something to play with submitted by its creator. Nice work.

Is there a way to enable keyboard input? (Or, how easy would it be to add?) Sounds amazing!

Damn dude, you and your friend white vinyl have some very awesome work up. Keep it going!

This is really slick! Would love to see how the UI/React code interacts with and models the audio data, especially if using something like Flux/redux

Is there some amount of ring modulation happening at any/all settings? I see some additional side bands on even the sine wave.

It seems like "Scuzz" introduces some side bands. Maybe through something like ring modulation, or additive synthesis. Then there is the delay effect, which will naturally add some additional frequency content when the time isn't a multiple of the sine period.

But with all of those turned down, there are some interesting shapes in the frequency view. Maybe some sort of stereo spread effect that get mixed to mono for the FFT display?

What is the point of the React, here?

I'm not the creator of this, but to me React isn't about speed, it's about creating isolated, testable components within an understandable architecture. Given that, it's just as useful here as it would be anywhere else.

As oppose to plain Javascript? Or why is it in the title?

The former can be asked of any library / framework. Visit React's website to learn about why it's useful. Others have covered some reasons: it makes reasoning about applications easier and makes falling into composition of (mostly) stateless components the default

The latter is because people might be interested in seeing what's possible in React. Even viewing the page in React's dev tools is interesting and shows the author is also using Redux.

Helped it get to the front page!

Seriously though, React and Typescript are both technologies some people prefer to work with, because they find it easier to be expressive/reason about their application's architecture. The 'point' usually boils down to that as far as I know.

The point is click baiting, this is mostly a web audio and canvas driven app.

i just made a sweet sunn o))) cover, cool project.

This is lovely

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