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This could be less to do with Apple asserting its rights and more to do with protection. Don't forget Nokia is if I remember correctly suing them for patent infringement with Apple counter suing so it could just be for protective purposes as well as legal maneuvering. I guess we'll see where things end up in a couple of years down the line. I doubt this would be cleared up quickly.

Apple's patent's are software patents which we all as software people know should never exist.

Nokia's patents are hardware patents, actual inventions related to wireless.

In other words, a light bulb is genuinely patentable but some software code which does (for example only) if(switch=on)light=true shouldn't be patentable and much less enforceable.

Some of those patents Apple is using are hardware.

I think this is spot on. While I agree with everyone who wishes Apple weren't doing this, it feels like a manouvre intended to bolster their fight against Nokia.

"Look! We believe in our patents so much, that we're going after other companies that infringe, too!"

If it also has a deleterious effect on Android adoption, so much the better, right?

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