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Devex | Barcelona (Spain) | Software Engineer / Devops / Product Owner | ONSITE | full-time | (VISA)

Devex is a media social enterprise specializing in international development. The company has around 120 employees worldwide and offices in the US, Spain and the Philippines. Our mission is to improve transparency and efficiency of the international development industry by accumulating information and making it accessible.

We are currently hiring for the following positions within our IT team:

- Software Engineer - https://www.devex.com/jobs/software-engineer-431083

- Junior Infrastructure Engineer - https://www.devex.com/jobs/junior-infrastructure-engineer-43...

- Junior Product Owner - https://www.devex.com/jobs/junior-product-owner-430243

Some quick infos:

* Stack includes: Ruby, JavaScript (Angular & jQuery), PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Chef, Jenkins; all on top of AWS

* The IT team is based in Barcelona (Spain) and Manila (Philippines), all positions are in the Barcelona office though

* Their are about 25 people of roughly ten different nationalities working in our Barcelona office - a great multi cultural environment!

* The size of the IT team is below 20, which means you'll find flat hierarchies and your work will have a visible impact

* Hiring process: You get in touch, we talk a little and if our and your first impression is good we'll have you meet the team and then take a decision - quite low on bureaucracy ;)

Why Someone have to register with Devex for application? And why You cannot make the application process simpler?

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