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Alloy | San Francisco, CA and Vancouver, BC | Full-time, Onsite | http://alloymetrics.com

The global supply chain powers the journey of raw materials as they become the things we use, wear and eat every day. It generates $20+ trillions every year, and is one of the world’s largest economic drivers.

The supply chain is showing its age: it’s great with goods, but terrible with information. Today, most manufacturers and brands are not able to adequately track how their product reaches the end consumer. Those who are rely on multiple 40 year old data standards, lots of manual Excel work, and hordes of human middleware.

At Alloy, we’re set to change all this. We provide the first comprehensive, low-latency view of demand and inventory across all distribution channels. Our platform connects manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers, allowing companies to track their products down to the store shelf and better respond to end-consumer demand.

We are early stage, very well funded by leading VCs, and growing. Our team is a small group with diverse backgrounds and experience in analytics, big data, and retail and financial technology. We use Google Compute Engine, Postgres, Redis, Spark, Python, Java, and React.

As an engineer at Alloy, you’ll do any or all of the following:

* Automate the collection, parsing, and storage of huge volumes of data

* Design a flexible but blazing-fast analytics framework that powers instant insights

* Model parts of the supply chain and develop features that bring them together

* Build beautiful, easy-to-use apps that our customer’s love to use

* Dive into server provisioning, deployment, automation, and monitoring

We'd love to hear from you. Send me a note at evan@alloymetrics.com

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