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Paradromics | San Jose, CA | Remote or onsite | Machine learning specialist

Paradromics is building biomedical devices capable of reading and writing to a million individual neurons. Our platform processes gigabits of data per second, in real time, under challenging latency and resource constraints.

We are looking to add a machine learning specialist to the team to define, implement, and test methods for interpreting neural activity. You would work with our software team to augment Paradromics' neural data acquisition, processing, and visualization pipeline with machine intelligence. To give you some sense of our stack, we are using C (gnu11) and CUDA for the backend; WebSockets and WebGL for the frontend.

You should have experience in devising new statistical machine learning techniques for high bandwidth time series data (e.g. scene understanding of HD video) – but knowledge or experience in neuroscience is not a requirement. Additionally, we are looking for someone who isn't satisfied with just testing an ML method in Matlab or R, but who wants to see it running in real time on (high-end) commodity hardware.

At Paradromics you will have the opportunity to work with some of the best experimental and computational neuroscientists in the world, and you will work with some of the most exciting data ever generated: a direct feed from the human brain. If you are seeking challenging and impactful work, drop us a line at jobs@paradromics.com.

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