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DataCentred | ONSITE (MediaCity, Manchester, UK)

In a nutshell: We're looking for a junior web developer with solid design/front-end skills, interested in learning back-end web dev via Ruby. Also willing to learn the dark art of open source public cloud technology.

We believe in autonomy and giving people the freedom to solve problems as they see fit.

The company: We run the UK's largest OpenStack public cloud. Our platform is built on open-source software. We run vanilla OpenStack in conjunction with our own Rails-based apps. We do colocation hosting, too.

Interview process: 1) CV, portfolio, Github, etc. 2) Phone call/Skype/Hangout. 3) Face-to-face interview on-site at our office.

Pay: £18k-£25k starting salary. 5% matching pension, 25 days holiday plus bank holidays, flexible working.

Apply: careers@datacentred.co.uk

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