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CrowdRise | Onsite (Los Angeles, CA)

CrowdRise allows anyone to raise money online for personal causes and charities. Right now, we're looking for iOS Developer #2 to join me, iOS Developer #1.

Technical Background: 100% Swift codebase, including 362 test cases (and growing!). The codebase is only 10 months old and has been built from the ground up on patterns like reactive design + MVVM. This week we're launching the first internal beta build to the whole company! We'd like to open-source as much as possible, too, once we get a chance to breathe.

Company Background: We're a gang of folks on an awesome mission: We raise money for good causes. At CrowdRise, you'll regularly get emails in your inbox that the thing your working on has helped people get a surgery they needed or shelter they couldn't afford. It's quite a fulfilling job. As far as org structure goes, the LA office is all engineering so it's a bit of a nerd oasis. We're about 35 people in our Downtown LA office, near Bottega Louie and Seven Grand. (We're across the street from One Wilshire, so we have a 1-2ms ping which is fun, too.)

Hiring Process: First, we'd like to talk on the phone and ask you some light technical questions and give you the chance to ask us questions. Next, we'll ask you to come into the office and meet the team. For the iOS part of the interview, I've been keeping a Playground in the project repo with some interview questions. I'd like to pair with you in the Playground on those questions, and generally just talk iOS. There will be no reverse binary tree sorting.

If this sounds like your kinda place, please email me personally with your resume and, if you happen to have any, some work samples: (my-first-name-which-is-in-my-HN-handle)@crowdrise.com. I promise a reply to everyone who emails!

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