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Deliv (http://www.deliv.co) | Menlo Park, CA and Grand Rapids, MI | on-site | full-time

Deliv is a crowdsourced logistics company that powers same-day delivery and returns for retailers, local businesses, and e-commerce companies. Deliv is focused exclusively on moving packages; not selling goods (so we can be really good at what we do). We work behind the scenes of some of the largest and most innovative companies - including Best Buy, Google Express, Bloomingdale’s and Walgreens and more, in over 100 cities (from manhattan to honolulu), and are getting ready to scale to a LOT more for 2016. We've also recently raised a $28mm series B led by UPS (http://www.reuters.com/article/us-ups-deliv-idUSKCN0VX2U4).

In 2015 we acquired two companies, one of them based in Grand Rapids, and we're looking to expand there as well as Menlo Park.

Who we are: an 11 person engineering team, looking to grow to 16 by the end of the year. We're primarily ruby/rails/angular (and iOS/android), and are reaching that exciting stage of the company where it's all about really scaling the platform, blowing up old assumptions, making things purr.

We're currently looking for:

  * Full-Stack Engineers (all levels experience) 
  * Back-end Software Engineers (all levels of experience)
Interview process (for CA, slightly different for MI):

  1. Intro call with me, to answer any questions you might have (20 minutes).
  2. Technical phone interview with one of our engineers (45 minutes).
  3. On-site interview 3-4 sessions, an hour each
  4. (optional) lunch with the group, or come to our bi-monthly game night
See more at: http://www.deliv.co/careers, or for more details shoot me an email: barclay[at]deliv.co

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