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Menlo Park, Ca - Full time - Onsite - Frontend, AI Systems, Dev Ops

Blackbird is an artificial intelligence technology company focused on solving important challenges faced in today's ecommerce space. Our stack is primarily in functional style Scala (we are heavy functional programming users) and a polyglot AI stack written in everything from Python to Scala to Haskell. Our team has worked on everything from search at Google, distributed systems at Twitter, and self driving cars at Stanford. We work on and implement the state of the art in machine learning.

We're currently looking to add some great engineers to our team. Want to write highly scalable software with the architects who scaled Twitter and Google? Want to run ops for software designed to handle hundreds of millions of API calls? Want to design next generation user interfaces? Want to scale the state of the art in machine learning systems? jobs at blackbird.am

Feel free to ask any questions directly or in thread!

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