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Network Polygraph (https://polygraph.io) | Barcelona, Spain | Full time, onsite

* Backend developer - kylin, druid, hadoop, kafka - 25K€ to 50K€ - stock options

* Frontend developer - emberjs, react, d3 - 25K€ to 50K€ - stock options

(Also looking for: CMO, sales assistant - do contact us for more info.)

30 min remote interview > quick remote programming test > in-depth remote interview > on-site interview / pair programming > offer

Network Polygraph is a cloud-based network visibility service (in more technical terms, a SaaS NetFlow collector) that can be deployed in minutes by our customers. Among our most well-known customers are DigitalOcean, North-American ISP Transtelco, and Spanish research and education network RedIRIS.

We recently raised 1M€ and are looking to expand our team of 4 to 9 in the short term.

Your mission will be to redesign our software architecture & platform into one that is more extensible, scalable to massive traffic volumes, and that offers a better UX.

Contact us at careers@polygraph.io

> 25K€ to 50K€

My European friends: is this market rate for development positions in Spain?

Edit to add conversion: 50K€ = 57-58K USD

Unfortunately yes

Mostly yes, not only in Spain but also in Italy, Portugal and even France. The 25K€ part is a bit low though.

With 50k€ you can live VERY well in Spain, median salary is like 24k€...

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