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StatMuse | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | Remote (US)

Position: Full-Stack Engineer

Stack: React, Redux, Node, Elixir/Phoenix

Salary: Between $100k and $175k depending on experience.

Perks: Health insurance, $5K sign on bonus, $5K equipment allowance, 15 days PTO, Equity Options

StatMuse is changing the way sports (and eSports) fans interact with each other and with the games they love. We're a small, well-funded team with great investors all carefully crafting a product we love and that our users rave about. As a polyglot shop we strive to pick the best tools for the job. Our application is a universal ("isomorphic") app using React/Redux, a thin Node.js layer and an Elixir/Phoenix backend, all of which centers around a powerful, F# NLP engine. Come work with us full-time in our San Francisco workspace or remotely from your current location. Candidates must legally be eligible to work in the United States.

Apply here: https://statmuse.workable.com/j/8D48DC082F

Just a quick warning: these guys wasted a lot of my time.

Thank you for warning us, it's awesome that you posted this, so other people don't waster their time with them.

I appreciate the feedback and hate thinking we wasted anyone's time. Care to elaborate?

1. I had a video technical interview and it went well.

2. The interviewer said I would make a great fit and tried to introduce me to the CTO.

3. I introduced myself to the CTO and received no response.

4. I contacted the interviewer a week later. He apologized and tried to contact the CTO again.

5. I contacted the interviewer another week later. He apologized and tried to contact the CTO again.

6. I contacted the interviewer another week later and he said something along the lines of "We filled the position, sorry we are unprofessional."

I'm Adam, the CTO. Sincerest apologies that this was your experience and for the communication issues. We're a small team (15 as of today), and our hiring process has certainly had some rough edges, though I think we've put the right processes in place to make sure this doesn't occur moving forward. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to discuss further: adam@statmuse.com.

I appreciate the apology. My advice would be to take introductions from qualified applicants seriously. I do understand that you are a very busy person, but you should either hire someone to handle the hiring process or take the time to respond to with a simple "We went with someone else."

That is very unfortunate. A CTO for a well funded small tech company should have recruiting as a top priority if they are looking to grow. It is really the only metric from which to measure an effective technical executive at that stage. It doesn't reflect well if you can't hire because your messaging is off or you aren't well organized.

Now my messaging is off and I'm unorganized? I can't comment on the circumstances of the original complaint given that I don't know the identity of the person involved. I can say that I've spoken with hundreds of candidates across a variety of technical and non-technical roles. We've hired ~15 over the last year and hope to find more folks that are excited to build with us. I can also say that as a "technical executive" (ha!) my top priority is building a product that people love; hiring is a large part of that. I'd caution against coming to such specific conclusions based off of very little information.

Apologies if that came across as a personal attack, just a general comment on the expectations of a very early stage CTO. To be clear I don't think your messaging is off, just that that is one of the reasons tech startups aren't able to hire, ie they don't know how to sell the opportunity.

However, if the OP is accurate it sounds like you/your organization went through at least a period of disorganization.

You deserve a ton of credit for what sounds like a sane approach to technology and including compensation upfront.

I appreciate the clarification! To be clear, I wouldn't say we've had any issues hiring, save a few hiccups on the communication end early on (I'm aware of one other out-of-band incident similar to the OP's story; perhaps the same instance?). I'm fairly confident we've sorted out any issues with the process at this point, and we're now letting everyone know where they stand consistently and in a timely manner.

It's even worse if your messaging was not off and you did not reply. That shows the ethical ground you stand on. No matter how many applicants you have to reply to. 100 is not a big number anyways!

WOW. This infuriates me.

Would love to chat if there's anything I can do to alleviate your infuriation: adam@statmuse.com

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