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CETiTEC | Pforzheim, Germany | ONSITE | Full time | INTERNS

CETiTEC is an independent german software development company which employs an international team of engineers and focusses on automotive networking solutions. Our customers include many of the leading car manufacturers. We are offering frameworks, applications, gateways and tools for all major automotive networks (CAN, MOST, FlexRay, LIN, Ethernet). For ethernet solutions we are are covering control protocols (e.g. Thrift, SOME/IP, OEM-protocols or also HTTP and websocket based for web connectivity) as well as audio/video streaming protocols (AVB). We are not only focussed on the classical embedded automotive technology but also try to take modern consumer, web and IoT technology tech into concern to deliver the best possible solutions.

Our domain and technology stack is very broad. We are working on everything between embedded software for microcontrollers with RTOS (C/C++), Linux and QNX Kernel drivers (C), user-space applications and daemons (mostly C/C++, some Golang and node.js - but might get more in future), developer tools (mostly C#) and web user interfaces (js/ts).

We are looking for engineers for software development and testing that feel comfortable in any or multiple of these domains. Knowledge in implementing network security (e.g. applying state-of-the-art encryption) and testing for common security mistakes is also very welcome. Experience in automotive software is not necessarily required, but a good understanding of system-level or embedded software and network stacks is desired. Prior knowledge of german is also not necessarily required, but you should be willing to learn it (we have german courses for our international team members).

We are also offering internships and student jobs.

Some further information and general contact information can be found on http://www.cetitec.com/careers.html. In case of tech questions you can also reach out to me directly (matthias[dot]einwag[AT]cetitec[dot]com). But for general questions and applications it is the best thing to use the contact addresses from the homepage (I'm not directly involved in the hiring process).

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