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Senior Software Engineer | FMG Suite | Full-time employee | (Minneapolis/Duluth) Minnesota or Wisconsin

We are a small dev team that works mostly remote, tries to be agile and try to be a good place to work. We are a self-funded SaaS company for a niche industry and a lot of growth. We work mostly from home, but try to get together monthly or so when we can. We run ASP.NET, C#, and everything is on AWS.

You should be able to work by yourself, but have very good communication (big deal for remote teams). Full stack experience is a must.

We don't have a job posting page up yet, but reply to the posting with an email and we'll talk.

A little odd, but... I'm interested. Drop me a line at _@lj3.me

Can you provide your email?

scott dot josephson at fmgsuite.com

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