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Catalyst Repository Systems | Denver, CO | Onsite or Remote | Full-time | Software Engineer Backend - XQuery, JS | $100,000-$130,000

You will develop, test, debug and document technical software solutions using MarkLogic, Redis, and Elasticsearch. Your languages include XQuery, XSLT, Python, and JavaScript. You will lead and participate in code reviews. You will be interacting with others to deliver projects on time. You will need to communicate effectively with business managers, product managers, system engineers, junior developers, senior developers, and UI developers. You will interact with many stakeholders reporting on status, milestones, and road blocks. You will be working on code for our production platform and must be able to react quickly if errors are uncovered. Additional items left to the discretion of manager.

Catalyst is in the legal service industry. There is plenty of work. We have stiff competition and increasing prices pressures. We have a mixture of monthly recurring revenue and one time revenue tied to our service efforts.

Catalyst is an 11 year old company. There are roughly 150 employees. The dress environment is casual. The office plan is open. The work volume is fairly constant. Communication is biased towards electronic - Slack, email, IM, documentation. Catalyst is not a lifestyle company. We expect hard work, we expect you to pitch in, we expect there may be some mishaps.

Please no agents. You must be a US Citizen. Our preference is to have you work at our Colorado headquarters. Exceptionally qualified candidates may be considered outside of Colorado. Contact: b@catapps.com

XQuery jobs are fairly rare these days... if you ever decide to hire people in Europe I may chime in ;)

About a half XSLT jobs on Upwork seems to be from students trying to get their assignments done :) Which is pretty sad, I think.

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